Prepared “portrait” of the best-selling buildings

Determining factor for purchase decisions as before is the price point. In the early spring of 2010 so far saved by the trend in 2009 – the pace of sales of Moscow region higher than in the capital, at a ratio of 60% and 40%, in line with it. Therefore, in the first place among the characteristics that drive the implementation of an object is balanced pricing politician. In second place among the moments that drive demand – The schedule of construction works. If, during the decline of the future buyers of new construction was estimated at an unusually personal objects of the highest stage of readiness, from the beginning of 2010 witnessed an increase in demand and under construction. With this in the purchasing decision has a great influence the activity of building and assembly works, reliability and reputation of the builder. Convenient location 3 is the moment that characterizes the luck of the plan. Among located in the Moscow Region plans to the greatest demand is for objects in the zone close to the capital – up to 3 km from the ring road, with a properly developed motor news. Today’s consumers are paying more attention to the schemes of sales, Kojima realized housing. Use the most trusted plans implemented by agreement share the role of the Federal Law to whom 214 are installed to ensure equity of members of the negligent construction developers. It is also an important point when selecting an object is likely to attract the mortgage, the presence in terms of special mortgage programs. It should be noted that now the banks lend the objects, the stage of readiness which composes more than 80%. Among the data of the plan at its seductive greatly influence the abundance of convenience and planning decisions. One of the innovations currently being built plan is the presence of a free apartment, but the standard rasplanirovki. Tags: developers, Mortgage, Apartments, Real Estate, apartments in New Empty Room – Articles on Real Estate – Review and analysis of the real estate market – real estate news, apartment buildings, houses, mortgage. (0) nowpola – rental uninhabited real estate in Odessa (0) autumn. It explains a lot – Acquisition of any real estate in Omsk – profitable investment today (0) Vinnitsa Property: Property in Ukraine! (0) Meeting Meeting service (Kiev) – Kiev – Real Estate for Rent (0)

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